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Postby dreamer328 on January 16th, 2013, 8:40 am

Dream: I my dream i am pregnant and go into labour having a healthy little girl with lots of dark hair. I leave hospital and everything is fine. At home with my partner and our children days after giving birth i start having strong pains like contractions and end up giving birth to another little girl on the sofa, identical to the other one that i gave birth to days earlier. We were all shocked and wondered why nothing was picked up during pregnancy that i was carrying twins. As the dream went on the twins grew at a quick speed and were toddlers in a short space of time catching up to the age my youngest is now in a few days. My partner and i were starting to worry.

Significant Life Events: My studying and being a mum to my children. Ive been feeling a little down lately trying to cope with both priorities and also planning getting married to my fiance. My partner is currently looking for work and were struggling at the moment. I think about wether we will have anymore children as i would like another. Im worried that im missing out on my children to study but i would like a better job in the future to be able to provide for them without struggling.

Background: Female. 24. White british. Currently re studying gcses so can go to university. Mother to 3, girl 7 boys 2 and 4 months.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I do have history of depression

Location: England

Feelings About People: My partner and my children i love them all dearly and couldnt imagine not being with them. My relationship with them all is great and we all get on well with one another

Relationship Status: engaged

When And How Often: Last night and the 1st time its happened
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