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dreambible.com • View topic - I dream my children drowning in a river both came ok but ver

I dream my children drowning in a river both came ok but ver

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I dream my children drowning in a river both came ok but ver

Postby dreamer324 on January 15th, 2013, 7:33 pm

Dream: My husband and I and my soon and daughter were crossing a river I was talking with my husband when I relies the courant of the river was taking my eldest soon away but he was younger than his sister, but in real life she is younger than her brother.
We lost him for hours then found him and he is ok but my daughter who dive to safe him was found some time later and she was holding into a rock in a feutos position she also was ok. But I did dived into the river and I was drowning but my husband save me. I waik up very upset and sweating. This is the second time I dream my soon Drawning in a river. I am very unsettle about this dream as I dream at the beginning of the year. My soon is married and my daughter getting married this year in July. Please advice me wHat this dream meant thank you.

Significant Life Events: How to solve a problem about a car.
Unsettled about the purchase of the car and the involvement of the people from who I bought the car. Very frustrated about the purchases of the car and the safe it of it . No sure I did the right thing quiet fearfull

Background: I was born in Mexico 04/12/1955 I had lived in England since 1980 I am femeal unemployed for health reasons

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes depression

Location: Eccles Monton Salford Manchester Uk.

Feelings About People: I am very open to my children but some times I worried about their partners and wife. I adore my husband and we have a very good relationship. I do worried about my soon's happiness and his wife if she really love him.?

Relationship Status: I am married for 34 years

When And How Often: At the beginning of the year and it is very reasent
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