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baby dellivery

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baby dellivery

Postby dreamer318 on January 14th, 2013, 10:26 am

Dream: For the little I can recall about the dream, I saw my girlfriend put to bed and delivered a baby girl in that dream. Prior before the delivery of the baby girl, I already have a boy child in the dream and when she gave birth to a baby girl, I felt accomplished that I now have a boy and a girl. Thereafter, I dreamt of another scene where I kept her away from the public and family in my elder brother's house. And somewhere in that dream my elder brother came to ask me money for the upkee of my girlfriend and the baby. That was all I can recall about the dream

Significant Life Events: I was thinking about dealing with the issue of my unemployment and my girlfriend's spiritual husband

Background: I am 30years of age man from delta state of Nigeria, and I'm presently unemployed searching for a job

Mental Illness Or Depression: No I don't and never had a mental illness, but I'm worried about a girl I love so dearly whom is said to have a spirit husband, and I'm also worried about my financial status because I don't have a job

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Feelings About People: I was so happy with my girlfriend in the dream and the baby. And I'm still engaged in an active relationship with my girlfriend.

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: It occured within the hours of 4am-8am January 14th 2013, Nigerian time
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