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Unexpected occurance

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Unexpected occurance

Postby dreamer313 on January 13th, 2013, 6:43 pm

Dream: In one scene I am waiting around with a group of people, who I do no recognise, for a marriage/wedding to take place of a guy I know and in real life I fancy. There are two other girls in the picture and I expect he will be marrying one of them, to my surprise Im informed suddenly that the next day he will marry me. I realise that what I am wearing is way too simple, and everyone around me is wearing regular casual clothing, so I try t find something classy to wear (in real life I am usually well-dressed). Im in a place that is not familiar (I can not liken it to anywhere I have been in real life). In another scene I am walking into a bathroom, the floor tiles are white/beige and there seems to be a leak somewhere as the floor is flooded with water, however somehow I am not upset about it and walk through the water easily..and do not remember getting wet. Another scene, apparently in the same place, but not the bathroom, I am going into the room the 'marriage' is supposed to take place, and friends (male) of the man I'm to wed are in there, and talking happily away with me. All dressed simply, which is odd for a marriage/wedding, I also see I'm dressed very simple. The man who I am going to marry (in the dream) walks in and he is wearing a maroon shirt and looks much taller and bigger for some reason (in real life he is very tall, 1.90 meters). I am quiet during all the scenes and quite taken aback as well. However I am not feeling anything negative in the dream, only feel a mixture of excitement and surprise.

Significant Life Events: My work, someone that I like and likes me (for 6 months) but communication is complex between us due to personality differences. Currently he lives in the US and I live in Africa.

Background: 38 years, Persian (Iranian but have lived in Africa all my life, except travels globally with work), female and public health specialist (profession).

Mental Illness Or Depression: None that I am aware of.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Feelings About People: The man wearing the maroon t-shirt, is someone I have deep feelings for, however I do not recognise the other people in the dream, nor the place I was at.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: It is not recurring, and took place last night
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