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Welcoming a stranger

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Welcoming a stranger

Postby dreamer310 on January 13th, 2013, 3:50 pm

Dream: I was gardening in the front of a huge white house with columns. Someone came to the front door so I went inside the house, opened the door and welcomed the stranger. They asked to see me (as if I were a stranger, they didn't know who I was). I asked them to wait in the foyer. I left for a moment and returned with my hands and face cleaned (from the gardening)and welcomed them and asked how I coul help them.

All the colors were in black, white, and gray, with the exception of green shutters of the huge house. Everyone (stranger and myself) were friendly, content, and cordial, welcoming). Foyer was huge with black and white marble floor in the shape of diamonds with an enormouse staircase. When I returned from washing off my face and hands I reached out my hand to welcome the stranger and announced that I was the person he was asking about.

I don't remember anything from that point on. I seldom dream or at least remember my dreams, but this one was clear, although I couldn't see who the stranger was and have no idea where the house is or who the house belongs to. Can you help?

Significant Life Events: Job security

Boss is ready to retire or change his position.

Fear of job loss

Background: Age 61
Gender Female
Ethnicicity Caucasion
Employment Administrative Assistant, still working

Mental Illness Or Depression: None to all

Location: USA, Pennsylvania, Pennsburg

Feelings About People: I have no relationship to the person in the dream, but I was not afraid. I only remember feeling welcoming, and friendly.

Relationship Status: I am not married, or dating, but I am single.

When And How Often: This dream happened last night 12-January. It felt very real.
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