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Attraction in Medievel Chaos

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Attraction in Medievel Chaos

Postby dreamer309 on January 13th, 2013, 10:23 am

Dream: My in laws were staying with me. Im very distracted with my daughter. Two male visitors are present but I am aloof and try to not invest any thought or emotion into any of them. Then my sister in law ask if I think one of them is cute. 'Do you think Jack is cute?!' I take notice finally and blush. From then on tension, attraction ,lust builds.. I try to distract myself and seem busy but I hear and feel Jack calling me from the bed. I get closer and finally acknowledge him when he ask about my daughter. I want him but my mother in law is keeping a watchful eye. I know my husband made a short appearance but no matter. I still feel an intense desire to for this imaginary idea of a person. I went outside the house and found I was in this enormous enchanted forest. Winged gothic like creatures were flying in a terrorizing way. The night was on fire.

Significant Life Events: Sex and desire. My husbands detox, Im sick and just went to a hematologist. My daughters teeth are cutting. My in laws are about to be in town. I want more romance and sex from my marriage and not getting it.

Background: Age:24 Sex:F Race:W Adopted, married, one daughter.

Mental Illness Or Depression: depression

Location: Dallas TX

Feelings About People: My mother and sister in law are good people but I dont like them staying with us, they both get on my nerves and make me feel like I cant relax in my own home. My husband is on my last nerves. He is caught between his own selfish needs and trying break away from his addiction for the sake of our family.

Relationship Status: married

When And How Often: Last night and no not yet
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