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dreambible.com • View topic - signing of an important historic document in westminster abb

signing of an important historic document in westminster abb

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signing of an important historic document in westminster abb

Postby dreamer307 on January 12th, 2013, 1:38 pm

Dream: I was asked to sign an important historic document about the declaration of independence of a former British colony that had effect when I signed the document. The signing was in Westminster abbey attended by many people. The minister spoke of why I was chosen to sign the document. They were looking for a deaf civil servant who was quietly working in the background. For a while they couldn't find anyone until they heard about myself. Shortly after the signing I was receiving much praise from a jubiliant crowd in Westminster abbey. A christian minister asked me whether I knew Jesus. My response was yes, but with my faith being weak as a result of disapair at not beinig able to obtain promotion ad a result of all of my activities amongst the deaf community and my studies. My skills and efforts did not seem to be recognised. The minister then responded - your brothers in heaven are looking after you. I then woke up after that phrase.

Significant Life Events: I was very upset at not being offered a higher scientific officer post, and had worked so hard to obtain two mscs over the past six years whilst pursuing a full time job. I was thinking about the lack of interpretation of the examples I gave at the competency interview. This is very difficult for me to present myself. However, I was planning to travel to York the next day to meet a research institute about pursuing a possible phd with them and to learn more about their work in relation to UK government policy making as a cleat example of a competency for the compete cry interview.

Background: I am a 35 year old profoundly deaf male who works for the civil service and have a strong christian faith. My ethnicity is anglo-scot.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have had depression in the past caused by the stresses of being a profoundly deaf person in a hearing world.

Location: Bristol, united kingdom.

Feelings About People: The people in my dream were not people that I knew, but complete strangers.

Relationship Status: Single.

When And How Often: Last night.

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