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dreambible.com • View topic - Two old crushes from middle school

Two old crushes from middle school

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Two old crushes from middle school

Postby dreamer306 on January 12th, 2013, 9:35 am

Dream: It started with myself talking to an old fried from middle school named Dan, then Mike appeared another friend. I had a crush on both if them in school. We were all of asudden sitting in a class room Dan And mike sitting in the two seats in front of me. We talked through out class the bell rings we start walking to our next class and Dan tells me that mike likes me and tells me he wants to be with me. We continue walking to our next class and as we walk in the room seems to get wider and brighter and the only thing I could see was mike sitting at a table in a black button down shirt jeans and his silver chain around his neck he gave me a smile and motioned for me to come sit next up him. When I sit down he holds my hand under the table and the room comes into focus Dan is across from us the teacher is rambling. The bell rings again mike gets up to put papers on the teachers desk Dan tells me to kiss mike if I want to be with him, I could feel a smile on my face and my body getting warm and starting to feel fluttery I stood up walked over yo mike and hugged him I turned and with out looking at Him kissed his cheek as he picked me up and hugged me harder. He put me down and we walked out if the class room. But then my dream totally switched to my current boyfriend and I standing on the top floor of an apt building, domino pizza was delirvering to two apts. my boyfriend took one and hide it under his bag he had and we went to what I think was our apt. We then turn around and are in a room with this very old lady and a man it was disgusting there was food and trash everywhere doesn't look like bit was cleaned in years and there sitting in the counter was a very old but beautiful owl. I walked over and picked him up and was petting him, making a joke that I was going to take the owl home with me, we leave the old ladies and get into a horse and buggy and start to leave, there was a lady and man in there from a tv show I watch ( Fraser ) well I look over and see that she has the owl?? I question why she has it and panics and jumps out if the buggy te man follows and just as my boyfriend jumps out and turns to catch me as I go to jump out end chase her... I wake up?
I am so confused.

Significant Life Events: Missing my boyfriend bc he's been working so much and how much I would like to marry him even though he does not want to get married again. ( we are both divorced) it just makes me sad. We all have been sick with the flu.

Background: I am a 25 yr.old woman with two of my own children. We live with my boyfriend and his daughter. I am currently unemployed and struggling with that.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have depression

Location: USA. Ohio

Feelings About People: I have not seen or talked to mike or Dan since middle school. I have a great relationship with my boyfriend I am in love with him. I have mob idea who the other ppl were in my dream

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: It occurred lastnight. I immediately calledy best friend to tell her about it like I do with every dream ESP since she knew Dan and mike also
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