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dreambible.com • View topic - A church and a light coming from it...

A church and a light coming from it...

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A church and a light coming from it...

Postby dreamer303 on January 11th, 2013, 8:31 pm

Dream: First I was being chased by a man, and I was flying really fast trying to get away from him...I was getting away and all of a sudden I was in a courtyard, in front of a church....I kept spinning and no matter where I looked I could see this church, and there was this light coming from the church and I had this feeling if I went toward the church I would be safe from the man chasing me..however when I tried to walk closer I didnt move very far...the light was shining toward the ground and when I touched it all of a sudden these people all started walking toward me carrying pillows....I didnt recognize anyone...I immediately thought this was it...they were coming to take me with them and It was my time however it didnt feel right..I was scared and all of a sudden I started to hear voices...I heard my mothers voice in the background say my name...'LYNN' and others that I knew...the people in front of me I didnt know...wasnt like it was my dead relatives or people you would expect to see if it was your 'time' so I was uneasy...they sat the pillows down and tapped them as to indicate me to lay my head down on them, and the voices got louder 'Lynn, 'Lynn' and I said...NO NO NO, IM NOT COMMING' AND I FORCED MYSELF TO WAKE UP???
I was terrified and shaking....

Significant Life Events: I have been just a little on edge job hunting...Having a rough time in this economy, but nothing major, having a few fears of not finding work and worried about my home and bills, since being single and not having another income, have only myself to rely on..
Dont really date too much, cant really find Mr. Right..

Background: I am single, im am 50, I am currently layed off from my job in the gas and oil industry, have been anxiously looking for work, I am an adminstrative assistant, own my own home, very frustrated over the job hunt and worried about bills.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No, just the normal

Location: I live about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pa

Feelings About People: I didnt know anyone...

Relationship Status: Divorced, not dating

When And How Often: last night....hasnt recured....was afraid to go back to sleep...
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