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A weirdo sister

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A weirdo sister

Postby dreamer58408 on May 24th, 2022, 9:35 am

Dream: My sister came to my house at dawn. My mother and my niece were aware of her visit. In my waking up I had learnt that she was baking in the kitchen. When I went to greet her she never responded.
When I was going pass she hit me with a pan and I fell down and she did not even apologise. I got so angry that I confronted her about her behaviour that she comes into my house, doesn't speak to me, does as she pleases on top of that she hits me deliberately. Not understanding the real issue she has with me. I told her to leave my house and I woke up.

Significant Life Events: The matter in which things are unfolding.
My frustration on my unemployment status, loss of finances in business ventures.
Lack of understanding the depth of hatred my sister has towards me.

Background: Iam an African Zulu female of 43yrs and was mysterically fired from employment

Mental Illness Or Depression: Depression

Location: South Africa, Gauteng, Germiston

Feelings About People: I find my mother be the main course of this spiralling hatred for showing favouritism when my sister does something wrong and she never as her daughter's seat us down telling us the importance of sisterhood . In as much I want to hate her I cannot emphathy overwhelms me since she doesn't get along with her sister.

I pity my sister for her foolish, immature vehaviour. I also pity my niece as she is caught up in this web. I am also angry with myself because I have to always make amends an I am honestly tired as my soon to be 3yrs old son is now becoming aware of this enormosity. She calls her to talk to Mei saying Lulu pointing at me for attention.

Relationship Status: I am single and dating

When And How Often: Today and it is not the first time I dreamt of her. She accused of writing malicious things in the letter. When I denied such and asked her for it to proof my handwriting she just ignored me.
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