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In the wildernest

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In the wildernest

Postby dreamer57609 on July 15th, 2020, 9:45 pm

Dream: It was night and darker than usual outside and I was walking down the street by myself in my nightgown. I could hear music and ppl talking. It was like I was being followed or watched. The scene changed to the wilderness. It was very very bright like crystal clear. I was walking around in my nightgown with no shoes on,then a truck pulled up that I saw from the other scene and two guys got out of the truck. One guy came up to me and I felt afraid but peaceful. Ppl started coming out from the wilderness leaving. One man told the guys it's not right and he left. So I got on my knees and put my head down while the guy from the truck pulled an axe up to behead me. I called out JESUS! I woke up. Its like I knew what was about to happen. I was very calm and peaceful in this dream. The two guys in the truck had on white t-shirts. One had red hair the other had dark blonde hair. The truck was purple.

Significant Life Events: I don't remember anything being on my mind during the time I had the dream.

Not at the time of the dream,
No frustrations,
No relationship issues

Background: I'm a 43 year old black stay at home female

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: United States, Brewton Alabama,

Feelings About People: I don't know anyone in the dream.
I don't have a relationship with them. I've never seen them before.

Relationship Status: Yes

When And How Often: A month ago
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