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Forgotten Family

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Forgotten Family

Postby dreamer57360 on April 5th, 2020, 3:41 am

Dream: I'm laying in bed in my husband wakes me up and asks if me or the kids need anything from the store I tell him no he says OK and then I tell him to be safe and he leaves to go to the store. Then later my kids wake me up saying that dad is missing and I dismiss it and they continue saying that is missing. So I look at the clock it says 6:00 p.m. and I start to feel uneasy but I don't know why. So I call all my friends and family and asked them have they heard or seen my husband and they say I don't have a husband but I tell them that I do but they insist that I don't. Next my mom comes over to see me as she sees my kid sitting next to me on bed and she asks who are they and I tell her that there her grand kids but she says honey I don't have any grand kids yet and I tell her that she does they are my kids in she tells me that they're not.Then my husband comes home saying honey I'm home and my Mom turns to him and says who are you he says hes my husband she says no you're not and before he could say anything else I wake up.
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