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To dream of being in an insane asylum represents feelings about situations that attempt to manage trauma or irrationality because there is no other intelligent solution. Situations that feel that you or someone else can never get over a sensitive problem or trauma. Situations that feel psychologically nonsensical that need to be endured or managed the way they are because there is no other rational solution. Attempting to control or manage powerful emotional over-sensitivity. Controlling a situation that feels "hopelessly insane" because it's safer to do so. You may feel ostracized, embarrassed, or like people have lost all respect for you because you are not behaving normal. You may also feel left out, excluded, and ignored because people don't believe your behavior is rational. Fear of being told you are irrational or crazy when you are not. Situations where you feel it's important to prove yourself as psychologically sound before being released from someone else's control.

Alternatively, dreaming about an insane asylum may reflect feelings about enduring psychological problems that you or someone else has. Psychological issues that has reduce you or someone else to being incompetent or unimportant. PTSD, anxiety, or trauma that must be managed because it's too difficult to overcome. Awareness of yourself or others losing their minds. Fear that psychological problems can never be fixed. Highly stressful situation in your life that you are attempting to manage.

To dream of being treated by a doctor in an asylum may represent a difficulty changing unhealthy habits or beliefs. Feelings about the difficulty of finding medical assistance that can reverse trauma or psychological problems. Attempts to manage trauma or dangerously nonsensical behavior.

To dream of escaping an asylum may represent feelings about a second chance or a new lease on life by abandoning managing the irrationality of a situation. You may have thought up a way to regain respect or restore your reputation. Abandoning people you think are too "crazy" to put up with anymore.

Example: A man dreamed of being in an American insane asylum. In waking he had PTSD and so did his younger son who has recently survived accidentally almost dying at the hands of an older son. The father felt it was impossible to reverse his son's trauma.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lunatic asylum with her brain needing to be cut into pieces. In waking life she was enduring being separated from her husband and expecting property divisions. She couldn't fix the situation with her husband no matter what she did. The asylum in this case may have reflected her feelings about how irrational her life felt having to live a new life separated from her husband with some people she knew possibly not believing her side of the story about the separation.

Example 3: A man dreamed of going back and forth between an insane asylum and a dungeon. In waking life he was a medical intern trying to pass a medical board certification test by proving himself competent.

*Please See Mental Hospital



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