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dreambible.com • View topic - What does this nightmare mean?

What does this nightmare mean?

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What does this nightmare mean?

Postby Giggle on October 11th, 2016, 2:31 pm

This felt like some kind of strange warning.I had a horrible dream that i answered my phone to what was my son calling me but it was a friend of his called brandon who i hadn't met before. He tells my son has been kidnapped. I run out of the house down a street i haven't seen before and burst through the door to a house i don't recognise.I run through rooms and finally find him naked,tied and covered in blood screaming. Its at that point i woke up but as soon as i tried sleep again the exact same dream recurred. This happened three times in a row after which i was too scared to try sleep again that night.What was so strange was the following morning my son went to visit a friend and brought home Brandon.I hadn't mentioned the nightmare to anybody!!!! He then asked if he could stay over at Brandon's house that night. what did that horrible dream mean? Can anyone help?
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Re: What does this nightmare mean?

Postby Lugus on November 10th, 2016, 2:47 am

As we know, our dreams are often symbolic messages that may have little to do with the real world. This is because:
1. The unconscious is the source of the many of our dream images and
2. Most of our dreams are meant to be feedback to the dreamer to let him/her know how the dreamer is progressing spiritually and psychologically.

These dream people probably represent archetypes from the collective unconscious (per Carl Jung).

If we accept that your son and Brandon are dream symbols, then the torturing and suffering of your son has at least two possible meanings:
1. Your dream son is going through a process of growth. This is because the suffering is a very common means of spiritual growth. We see this in various religions, myths and pre-industrial rituals. The severity of the torture as well as the number of times that he was tortured would be a reflection of his growth.
2. Your dream son had been tortured by another person who is also from the unconscious. This is usually seen in those dreams where the other person (or persons) has been neglected by the dreamer and fights back to get attention.

The dream occurred three times in a row. I believe that Jung wrote that good and bad things often come in threes.

As noted in the dream, the dreamer’s son brings home Brandon. This sounds like synchronicity. That is, it is a meaningful coincidence that cannot be explained by normal cause and effect.

Hope this helps.
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