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ludic dream out of body experience

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ludic dream out of body experience

Postby dreamer6021 on October 5th, 2014, 5:19 am

plzz read all the way through if u want to understand the severity of my dreams. This is only ONE of the RECENT lucid dreams I have had p.s. (put it this way a lot of the semi-practical dreams I have come true...

it started as I was with my friends Rachel and Cassandra. I invited them to Victoria and said it was simply for a shopping trip and also if they didn't have any money I would give them $25 each to spend. Of course they both agreed. Then it was suddenly the day we were rushing to pick up the girls.Rachel was coming into the back seat I handed her the money and she put it in her wallet. My sister was with us in the front with my mom. I asked if Cassandra was coming and she said she couldn't come cause she was sick. so I said well give it to her the next time you see her. Then she suggested we buy her something. I didn't oppose but I didn't agree wither. I got the odd sensation that maybe I shouldn't have trusted her with that money. On the way to Vitoria it wasn't the same as I remember actually going. It seemed much longer... We stopped along the way at 3 places. First was a convince store because my mom was having car trouble and decide to change the oil again. when we got their the line up was huge and she couldn't find the things she needed and was getting mad at the teller and in return he got mad at her. so we left instead, further down the way we were stopped by every red light and the car wasn't doing so good, when one of the 4 way intersections finally turned green after horrible traffic a deer suddenly walk right in the middle directly in front of our car just as the light went green!!! it took its sweet time and we had to wait again for the light to go green. I started to feel funny in the dream by now. then we stopped at a small out door food court. but yet again the line was huge and because my mom wasn't feeling well she sat in the car with my sister and Rachel while I waited in line. I started to think to myself maybe we should go back because there had to be a reason we were stopped so many times and I had a pit in my stomach, I had the thought "maybe something bad will happen if we go to Victoria today" at this point but ignored it of course I didn't want to disappoint Rachel. I was ordering us a pizza and it took forever!!!! when I finally managed to get the pizza and just about got back into the car my mom proclaimed very astounded, OH NO WE"RE OUT OF GASS!!. oooff course I thought to myself, so Rachel and I waited while Elisha and mom drifted the car to the closest gas station. We waited fer ever and at this point I believe Rachel had gone to the bathroom cause she was suddenly not there. I sat and eat my portion of the pizza. while the rest went cold. they finally returned to say that the gas station was closed so I assumed we would finally go home so I went to get Rachel when we returned to find the car, my mom, and Elisha gone. I ran down the road catching a glimpse of them....(THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET WIERD)... I saw her going down hill towards downtown Victoria. SHE WAS PULLING THE CAR BY A ROPE RIDING S SKATE BOARD??! This is half way through the dream where I find myself aware of this being a dream. out of curiosity I go along with the dream as I was looking for answers. I hear her faintly shout follow me ill meetcha there. so I do and Rachel slowly fallows while on her phone like always. by the time I catch up to them I see the car parked on the side of the road with my mom sitting inside and my sister in the back, Rachel comes up from behind and also gets in. then I approach the car nervously hey mom did u get the gas? she replies im getting it now, with a simplistic smile. two very nice men came and said they would get it for me, she pointed up the road and kind of around the corner where you could see a gas station sign. I asked rather hesitantly please don't tell me you gave two random guys in downtown Victoria all the money for our gas home!!?? She looked at me guiltily and rather embarrassed. I rushed up the road and around the corner to find myself at a brick wall corner at the entrance of a police gate with the lifting yellow gates for cars. In mind run I look over to see a tall man dressed in battle gear, bullets, bullet vests, a mask, heavy pants and pockets with grenades and assortments. in a matter of seconds o realize all over these men have taken over the gate, they are on the roofs and coming out of streets and alley's all up the road. people are running and screaming so I turn suddenly to get away but get shot 3 times in the process. I keep running, by this time people are flooding the streets I lost sight of the car. bullets were flying I kept running trying to catch sight of anyone (Elisha Rachel or my mom) if I could but with no luck the crowd kept pushing me away, so I tried to escape. I ran very far into the back end of downtown Vitoria. I started seeing rusted old factories and ran down one alley were I found a broken down old factory mill. At this point I knew I was shot in the left leg and in my side twice but couldn't quiet tell where. I stumbled a bit to find a hiding place and shrunk to sit against an old vent. I looked up to fin a small medal boy with a large head and little body. for some reason I knew him, "Tintin?" I asked baffled and weakly. Your badly injured he said "don't speak" I felt myself growing cold and numb at this point (WARNING THIS IS WHERE THINGS BECOME UNEXPLAINABLE) Tintin came over to me and as he reached for me I fell to the ground and was laying on my side now. his face turned to greater worry and deep sadness. then suddenly from behind him I saw a dark figure appear from nowhere, almost like a cloud or mist. my vision was getting blurry. It was a tall hooded man, wearing a wispy black cloak, it danced at the ground and moved as if it were attached to his feet though I couldn't see them. My attention was drawn to the white-ish blue sort of frost or electricity energy admitting from his pale shadowy hands. "Master!!" Tintin spun around and gave a short bow of his head shes injured not doing very well!" is what he told the man. The figure didn't respond. as I fallowed his arm up to his face I couldn't make it out but I saw a very thin view of almost white blue glowing eyes that matched his hands, they had no whites of them and no pupil just glowing in colour. As he grew closer to me the colour and energy in his hands grew. as he stood over me I turned over on my back and gazed at his hands mesmerized by the energy's unique qualities. then I had the most rushing uncomfortable uncontrollable feeling ever. like being hot and cold at the same time, like all of my consciousness was being pulled into the centre of my chest. I started to black out but it didn't end there. Suddenly I was spinning but I was back to the sky looking down on myself. Everything was moving much faster now but I couldn't control my movements I was looking down on the man kneeling and tintin who were looking down on me. my body was limp and my eyes were stuck open and pure white. a grayish sparkle pattern had formed on my forehead, cheeks, and around my eyes. I thought to myself but im not dead, I don't feel dead? Im in a dream arnt I? I want to wake up????? WHY CANT I WAKE UP? WAKKEE UPP! I was confused and SCARED, then it began to fade (BUT YET AGAIN STILL NOT DONE) at this point I found myself high in the air just floating, I was gazing down on a small dock filed with people peering at the ocean. it seemed like it was a memorial for many families and people who had lost someone. I saw my parents and a boy someone I felt I knew (he looked similar to my now ex boyfriend but he didn't seem like the same person at all??) who was standing under the dock. He was talking to a human looking Tintin???!!! I could just make out tintin saying her body wasn't found. then the boy replied as "nothing can fill the void opened just now!" and his finger tips started to glow orange and almost like wires grew from them and spread out under the dock with connecters in midway where the wires split into more. Then I started to feel myself progressively being pulled upward the same kind of feeling I had as being pulled out of my body. I urgently almost like a self defense mechanism thought, but im not dead my body isn't DEAD I KNOW MY BODY CANT BE DEAD! then suddenly I felt almost like my consciousness had slowly realigned with my body and floated up through the ground, the floor the bend and then set back in my body and I awoke.....
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