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PostPosted: September 25th, 2014, 7:07 am
by dreamer5975
I looked upon a scene. A small door open and little brown moth flew out. I immediately felt fear and dread. My thought as it began to fly to me was: "oh nooooo" I felt it was bring me bad news or despair.At this point in my life i cant tolerate another piece of bad news. AS the moth flew to me his color changed and his wings began to glow. By the time it reached me, it had turned into a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly landed in front of me and all i could think was "this is beautiful". The bright yellow wings outlined in the deepest black amazed me. It sat there so close to me that i was afraid it would fly away. The way the wings gently and slowly went down and up as if displaying its brilliance, it was so flattering. Then i woke up.