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Daughter/ working/green popsicle frozen, but broken

PostPosted: October 16th, 2021, 7:34 am
by dreamer58241
Dream: Cortney was working at this convenience store. I heard someone call her name. I choose a green popsicle out of the freezer. I am happy to hear her name. In expectation I go to the counter and see her working there. Im so happy. She looks plain, but good. Its a nice store.

Significant Life Events: My self. Need to be a good mom. Man friend doesnt want to marry me. Says my kids and ex s are my baggage. Too much for him.

Background: My daughter is 30. She has been an addict for years. She is on her own. I dont interfere, but stay in touch. She called me this morning. We are going to watch our boys run xc this morning. I am white, work for TX DsHs in micro.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: Texas

Feelings About People: Answered above

Relationship Status: Answered above

When And How Often: This morning when I fell back asleep. She wasnt even on my mind.