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Postby dreamer57554 on June 20th, 2020, 12:13 pm

Dream: I was in an open area and surranded by Brown/orange color. No walls... Then a condesending voice is almost laughing and tells me 'you know the Bible isn't real' I woke and was confused. I have a feeling of dread and do not feel worthy of anything.

Significant Life Events: Praying to be released of my smoking addiction. Fearful that even though I repented and gave my life to Christ that it isnt enough and i wont be saved.

Background: 52 white female mother and wife

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Bucks county PA united States

Feelings About People: No people just a voice

Relationship Status: I am married

When And How Often: 6/20/20
Not recurring
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Re: Bible

Postby ElizVanZee on June 21st, 2020, 1:07 pm

An open area can suggest a situation in which you might feel very unprotected. The lack of protection can also be suggested by the lack of walls. The lack of walls is also an indication that the usual restrictions your ego structure might normally impose upon your thinking are missing. This could contribute to a sense of being very vulnerable.

The brown/orange colour would imply an emotionally charged atmosphere The brown would indicate a feeling of practicality. Here this might apply to being outside the confines that your mind usually imposes on you - perhaps being outside your comfort zone. This can sometimes be a good thing but when it leaves you feeling dread and unworthy, it serves no useful purpose. The orange would imply that higher intelligence has enlightened a primitive instinct - or perhaps highlighted it. {such as fear ?}

A disembodied 'voice' is usually understood as being the voice of God. Yet here this voice is very nasty and unpleasant and casts doubt upon the Bible's reality. Thus we can assume that in your own mind, your own concept of Satan would have him try to undermine your faith in the Bible.

{As to praying to be released from your smoking addiction, you cannot expect God to do everything for you. You consciously chose to smoke and now you must consciously un-choose to smoke. Work on giving yourself all the reasons why you wish to be free of your addiction. The human mind works on reason and when you have given your mind enough good reasons to quit smoking, you will gradually lose the urge to smoke.}
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