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dreambible.com • View topic - I hardly have nightmares, but this one scared me wide awake

I hardly have nightmares, but this one scared me wide awake

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I hardly have nightmares, but this one scared me wide awake

Postby Allana on May 30th, 2017, 6:30 am

I never really have nightmares, but this one got me wide awake. Also, I am not religious in any way.

I was outside of my house in my front yard with my 3 little sisters and my old neighbors across the street. (I knew they were my neighbors, they just looked different.) We were playing a soldier game, me stationed on a log pile next to a tree near my dumpster and the end of the driveway. My little sisters were "patrolling" up and down the driveway. My neighbors were "patrolling" between our two yards.
I was looking around when I noticed a few tents set up in the woods behind my house. My neighbors started walkkng toward them but ran back when we realized that the people inside were coming to us. They looked deformed almost. Some had no teeth, no hair, or some random spots of it. My sisters happened to be right in front of them. They walked up to them and started looking at them. We all started trying to assure them that my sisters were "just singing". We said that repeatly until they turned away from them. My sisters and neighbors ran up to the porch, but as i was getting off of my log pile, they all turned to me. They all had red eyes. I was trying to inch away, but one of them grabbed me by the arm and said " You are outside of Christ." Then i woke up, at exactly 6:00 am.
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